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A series of drawings derived from the pandemic's effect on intimacy, contact and the way

it affected how we interacted with each other and changed the way we do today.

The 52 Weeks Project presents:



So the inspiration for this series really derived while working on the LP release of the soundtrack to his film, THE HOTTEST STATE. Deep in the throes of Covid & making work about sensuality and a passionate love affair seemed oddly incongruent. Handshakes were dangerous, hugs with friends and loved ones were a dice roll. We watched family die alone over our phones, and we suffered untouched in ways we are still processing. This project was a way to cope and to process.

Part 1.2

So I started with these graphite pieces that eventually became art for the cover, but four other alternatives more abstract, and less specific to this particular context of the project came flowing. The concept of looking back now that we're on the fading side of this pandemic, despite the disease's presence even still today, continues to inform and attest to our ability to change and adapt, but our communal need to touch, be touched and comforted, or express our rage or our pain endures.

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