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The 52 Weeks Project presents:

The 52 Weeks Project Book (Years 1&2)

When you make art for a living, even something as seemingly playful as drawing everyday can become well, work.

As a remedy to this I gave myself a weekly drawing assignment: each Monday before I started the work week, I'd draw a piece, 9x12" of whatever came to mind, and posted it by noon that day. I was so surprised I made it through a full year, I started another. My manager and I collected the work into a hardcover book funded via Kickstarter with an introduction by Ethan Hawke, and the series has continued on ever since. What was a simple act of art-hooky has turned out to be the most influential and and popular collection of work I've ever done culminating in series based on subjects ranging from Star Wars, post-mortem log portraits, Game of Thrones and a massive series inspired by Twin Peaks, which became a print series from Mondo and an attending gallery show in Austin for SXSW.

To see more of the series, please go HERE.

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