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On Shelves AUGUST 10, 2021

A new graphic novel from the team that brought you INDEH, coming soon from Grand Central/Hachette Books.

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Ethan's audition
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“One of the best graphic novels I’ve ever read. A gorgeously illustrated father-son thriller steeped in brutal violence and ever-escalating human emotion. An overpowering experience that left me as shaken, provoked and fulfilled as the best works of Cormac McCarthy.”

―Scott Derrickson, director of Dr. Strange & Sinister

“A gorgeously touching, smoldering gut punch and an absolute tour de force. Meadowlark is one for the ages. It transcends genre and expands the form of the graphic novel. It’s one of those artistic gifts that’s going to keep on giving—and influencing creators—for decades to come.” 

―Bill Sienkiewicz, Writer/Artist of Stray Toasters

"The heartbreaking story of manhood and filial panic would've been enough. The atmospheric impressions of movement and violence in the images would've been enough. But it is their combination that sends Meadowlark into the realm of myth."

―Jason Blum, producer

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