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The Criterion Collection: Three Outlaw Samurai

My first gig for The Criterion Collection under the genius design/Art Director, Eric Skillman, took on a samurai classic in Hideo Gosha's seminal film, THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI. I was sent an early unfinished screener from which I sketched a number of semi ink drawings, far more than the initial brief called for, but we managed to find a place for each of the pieces. I did a number for cover sketches before we finally settled on the one we used, and then took it through a number of attacks to flesh it out further, but still capture that sum-e look we wanted for this film. As per usual I did about twenty times more work than was in the initial ask, because I am crazy that way, and Eric not one for leaving any art on the ground, managed to find a way to fill every nook and cranny with the pieces, on the disc, the jacket and on screen menus. It was nothing short of a complete joy to work on and started what has been a long and generously terrific working relationship with Criterion. 

FINAL front cover
FINAL full jacket layout
Final cover art
Red Alt cover art
On-screen menu A
Interior A WIP drawing
On-screen menu B
Interior B
On-screen menu C
Interior C
Interior D final
Interior E
Interior F
Interior G
Interior H
Interior I
Booklet interior J
Interior J
Interior K
Interior L
DVD surface M
Interior M
Interior N
Interior O
Interior P
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