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The Criterion Collection: Notorious

The first Hitchcock film I ever saw was NOTORIOUS, as was the very first Criterion dvd I ever bought after a long time hunting for it.So it goes without saying being tapped to take it on for the new revived release was nothing short of a career highlight. I could draw every frame of this film endlessly and never grow tired of it. As I tried, believe me. Usually the briefs call for a cover piece and one or two interior pieces to flesh out the package... but I tend to take that leash, break it, and run wild all over the dog park. This was no less true for Notorious as it is for most of these projects. For the cover design Criterion had a particular ask to include a version of this key-swap moment near the film's climax, and as it turns out was my own idea for the cover as well. We of course started there and ran wild thereafter with some requests for particular pieces based on sketches and others that were just me indulging myself. Mostly the latter.

To date these remain among my most treasured pieces in my entire portfolio, and I suspect always will be.

To learn more via the Criterion sponsored article on this project, please go HERE

To pick up a copy of the film, please go HERE

WIP of the original art for Interior A
Final cover art
WIP for the final cover drawing
Interior A booklet
ORIGINAL unused interior A
Unused final interior B
WIP of interior B
Unused Interior C alternative
WIP of Interior C original drawing
On-screen menu with Interior D
Interior D
WIP of Interior C
Interior D
Unused Interior D
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