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Being asked to participate in creating work for the new DUNE 2021 film by Denis Villeneuve, was one of the rare things I chased like a dog
the moment I heard he was taking on my all time favorite novel series since I was thirteen years old. To be gifted with an early look inside
this world and his reimagining of my favorite 
sci-fi fi universe was a nerd's volcano to be sure, but to then be free to interpret it alongside my
brilliant co-conspirators at Mondo (That's YOU, Eric, Rob, Mitch, Mo & Spencer), well that's a brew for a lot of something to happen.
Essentially when a dream job like this comes, there's a wash of joy, delight, panic and terror. SO much rides on a high profile job like this, and
for being such an avid fan for so many years, SO much rode upon that legacy to do it right. Unlike its companion dream job- THE WHITE LODGE
for Twin Peaks, none of this work had been done yet, whereas that series developed entirely on its own and incubated fully before it became
a public event. So this was like diving from the high board into a pool I hadn't yet begun building.  

A full fleshed out article for MUDDY COLORS unveiling all of this process HERE

Many of these pieces that follow below what was finalized specifically for both the limited edition Mondo poster
& the 3xLP of Hans Zimmer's"The Dune Sketchbook" score, the recursives studies, sketches, and other entirely finished and fully realized pieces are just part of howwe ended up where we did. It sometimes takes a few wrong turns to find the right way forward. The bonus being, in this particular case, an enormous amount of extra art! So there's that.

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